I remember the first time that I had the pleasure to see Moana Ka’aeamoku Wong surfing Pipeline. I was really impressed, a bit emotional and very, very happy. Today Moana is about to be the onwer of the best wave ever surfed by a woman.

My curiosity turned into a small interview with Moana, piece that I will keep in my heart forever. I am deeply sure that I will show to my son, and grandsons, very proud that one day the “gramma interview the queen of Pipeline, Moana”.

Moana was inspiration to myself as a writer, to put a small opinion article questioning the absence of woman in Pipeline as well. Luckily, a year after this, the woman was finally included in Pipe as part of the main professional circuit of surfing.

Recently, Moana made history again and surfed the best wave ever surfed by woman at Pipeline. The attitude of Moana, and the same time the totally humble words that she used to describe this incredible moment make Moana a truly queen.

I am absolutely sure that surf community will have a lot of reasons to celebrate along with Moana career, that actually just begun…

So you tell me, was the best wave ever surfed at Pipeline for a woman, or not?

Instagram reproduction / Filmed by https://www.instagram.com/lucasanakalea/
Moana fazendo história em Pipeline. Foto John King/Instagram.